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Name: Kelly

Age: 15


Favorite color: green

Astrological sign:leo

At least 7 of your favorite bands/solo artists:(this is just what i've been listenig too right now)
50 cent

wu-tang clan

mike jones


daddy yankee


sean paul

At least 5 of your favorite movies:
wedding crashers, half baked, cruel intentions, 40 year old virgin,

At least 3 of your favorite books: i read all the time! shit these are just some that stand out
--a million little pieces
--the da vinci code
--my sister's keeper

If you could be anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be and why?: KATE MOSS! she is gorgeous and effortless. I'd like one day of fame.

If you had any super power what would it be and why?: to be able to fly. duh. i love airplanes and kites and shit. it would be sweet to be up there with them

What is your guilty pleasure? i like doing school work but dont tell anyone...

What do you look for in a guy/girl?:
--has ambition and energy
--never gets boring
--athletic so we can run together
--plays sports so i can cheer him on!
--wont bore me
--just as spontaneous and crazy as ME

List 3 good things about yourself:
--im never boring
--im smart and ambitious
--im pretty damn attractive
List 3 bad things about yourself:
--i do drugs
--i procrastinate
--im a bitch.. sometimes

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?:
piercings on my ears

What is your current desktop image?:
a puppy!!

What do you think of body modification? [tattoos, piercings, cosmetic surgery, etc etc]:
whatever floats your boat. let people do what they want!

What are some of you biggest pet peeves?:
--jean on jean (EWWWW)
--stupid people that don't try
--when someone cant dance

3 turn ons:

3 turn offs:
--moobs (man boobs)
--brainless guys

--opinion questions--

gay marriage: I'm for it. Let people do what they want. It won't affect me. As long as they love each other, they can get married. Who gives a fuck?

smoking: It's relaxing but it smells. But it's the smokers choice!

suicide: Easy way out. Selfish. They're hurting other people just to save themselves the misery of checking into rehab and recovering.

abortion: If the mom is young and the unborn baby is destined to have a shitty life then yes all the way. But otherwise, there are plenty of people willing to adopt.

cutting: People who are desperate for attention. I can deal with that emo shit. I had a friend coming down off coke who came down to hard and cut herself and passed out. She later told me(after she returned from 6 months in rehab) that she was being overly dramatic and wanted attention.

drugs: I like them... but i know when I go too far. I usually just do it when i go to parties. But thats all.

--word association--

Paris Hilton-crazy!
Adriana Lima-stunning
Pink-victoria secret brand
hot-fuck yeah
Usher-ew r and b. yuck
Concert Mosh-uh sweet rock on!

--Last Questions--
how did you find this community? i looked up modeling
Why do you think you should be in extreme_beauty? because i have beauty and would be good representation


angie hilly ME brookie

maui baby!

me and brooke/artists sheeitt

hilly and me!! (doo-rag biotch)

Hope you like it!!
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